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The Wellview Children Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated and committed to helping Chinese children living in poverty receive basic academic education. We bring together sponsors and children in need and provide a transparent and honest sponsoring system that ensures that 100% of your sponsoring funds are destined to educate a child in Longsheng County.
基金会是一个非营利性组织,致力于帮助中国生活在贫困儿童,让他们接受基本的学历教育. 我们集合了资助者和有需要的儿童提供一个透明和诚实的资助体系,以确保您的资助资金100%用以资助受资助的龙胜地区的儿童们的教育,生活,交通。

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Sponsor a Child Today 今天就资助一名儿童

Become the Official sponsor of a struggling child in Longsheng, China and change a life forever.